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We are an experienced group of interactive entertainers: MCs, DJs, dancers, vocalists, musicians, and engineers trained to get your guests involved. You see, we’re much, much more than just disc jockeys. When a new trend is just starting to catch on, our staff is already on top of it. So when the kids are on the dance floor trying to swing dance, or Bob from Accounting wants to but can’t start a country line dance, we will lead the way. Because that makes for good times…and the best memories. Isn’t that what you want for your private or corporate event?

We know what music is right for each occasion, we know how to get guests involved, and we know how to have a good time. It’s what we’ve been doing in the greater Philadelphia region since 1992. But, the real question is:

What can we do for your event?


Your party’s coordination and organization begins with the Master of Ceremonies.


Your MC will meet with you in person to discuss your vision and specific party needs. The MCs at Cutting Edge Entertainment take the time to walk you through the celebration and assist you in enhancing as well as customizing your special day.

When the “big day” is here, our MCs will work with the rest of your party staff to provide a successful and exciting flow from start to finish!


Our DJs come to your celebration with state of the art quality sound equipment and an extensive selection of music to meet any request from you and your guests.


Your ceremony begins with an elegant blend of jazz, classical, and new age music to fill your reception during cocktail and dinner hours. Our Disc Jockeys are experienced in providing the appropriate musical selections to create a well-balanced entertainment experience for both young and old!

Dancers, Party Motivators and Cast

The Cutting Edge Cast combine dynamic personalities with an entertainment background to motivate and energize your event.


Our entertainment staff act as catalysts – using interactive games and routines – to promote complete crowd participation. From Coke and Pepsi to the latest dance craze, our dancers will make sure everyone has a good time on the dance floor.



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The MC/DJs of Cutting Edge Entertainment

(Lock-in fees may apply when reserving a specific MC for a date)

MC, DJ, Dancer
Chief of Customer Happiness,
Entertainment Coordinator, MC, DJ
MC, Dancer, Choreographer
Craig – Owner, Director



Kelly, one of our senior dancers

Here’s a bit about our dance rehearsals




Former Employees about Cutting Edge Entertainment

Justin Guarini, American Idol runner-up (season 1)

Monica Devlin, former Philadelphia Eagles Pro-Bowl Cheerleader

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