The Cutting Edge DJ

Tony talks about MCs and DJs at Cutting Edge Entertainment. Tony Donato – a graduate of Arcadia University with a degree in Physical Therapy Research (he’s been published twice!!) – began MC/DJing with Cutting Edge Entertainment in the late 1990’s.  Since then, Tony has hung up his DJ headphones and...
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Movie Music

Does Music Make The Movies, Or Do Movies Make The Music? Last night  – during our weekly Cutting Edge Entertainment DJ Practice – we were discussing music history and music theory (admittedly my favorite part of DJ classes, arguing music), when the subject of ‘Old-Time Music’ came up.  “What is...
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DJ Twitter?

So I just met with Denis (my web guy) tonight, and I tried to fight the good fight – or so I thought – but I lost.  Denis has been preaching to me about ‘Twitter,’ and if you don’t know what it is it probably will mean absolutely nothing to...
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