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Griffin’s Bar Mitzvah

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Bar Mitzvah DJ 01

This past spring, I had the pleasure of providing the DJ entertainment for Griffin’s Bar Mitzvah. He was one super-cool kid that my crew and I were able to really have a great time with, and make his Bar Mitzvah lots of fun. I should probably preface this all by saying, it is always a nerve wracking situation when your boss comes up to you and says, “I want you to handle a Bar Mitzvah for a friend of mine.” It adds a little bit of pressure to the party but I am glad that it did, as I welcome a challenge. From the moment that Griffin and his parents came into the office to meet with us I knew it was going to be a great party. I didn’t realize it at first but Griffin’s mom, Kim, has known me since birth, and my family even longer. I was very honored that they chose me as their Bar Mitzvah DJ because I would get to see some people that I don’t get to see that often and I enjoy performing in front of guests that I know (and love).

Bar Mitzvah DJ 02

At our wrap up meeting, Griffin, myself, mom and dad had a great time selecting music and coming up with the timing of the party. They had one request… Make it an amazing party. For a thirteen year old, Griffin knew exactly what he wanted and had lots of specific ideas about the Bar Mitzvah party. By the time we were done the meeting I knew it was going to be a jumping crowd, was extremely excited for the party date to get here, and was totally psyched to work with such a cool family.

Bar Mitzvah DJ 03

Bar Mitzvah DJ 04

I take great pride in all of the setups that we do for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah parties, and I personally made sure this one looked awesome, so much so that I couldn’t wait for the family to walk in and see what the room looked like. It was all worth it when I saw the expression on Kim, Jamie and Griffin’s faces. The fun began at cocktail hour, where Griffin and his friends enjoyed having their green screen photo favors taken. His friends were a lot of fun and kept asking our dancers when they could come into the main room to start dancing… they were ready to party!

Bar Mitzvah DJ 05

Bar Mitzvah DJ 06

My favorite part of a party is the opening dance set when the guests first come into the room. This helps to set the tone and gives you an idea of how the night is going to go. I was ecstatic because from the time the party began to its final moments the dance floor was packed. We danced the night away with tunes from from The Jackson Five, Earth, Wind and Fire, some 80’s and finished up with some “Turn Down For What.” One of the best moments was seeing Griffin’s mom, Kim and her nephew Jake sing a duet to “Paradise of the Dashboard Light” with all of their family dancing around them on the dance floor.

Bar Mitzvah DJ 07

Bar Mitzvah DJ 08

Griffin was an absolute pleasure and did nothing but smile the entire evening. He was on the center of the dance floor with his friends and family for the entire night. This always makes my job easy because when the guest of honor and his parents are on the dance floor, their friends and family are certain to follow.

On behalf of myself and my entire crew thank you to Griffin and his parents Kim and Jamie for making our job so much fun. You are an amazing family and we wish you nothing but the best. I only can hope that you have another party soon – for any reason – so that we can do it all again.

Thank you to Michael Nathan Photography for the amazing photos.


Shortly after Griffin’s Bar Mitzvah, his father left this amazing review of our performance online…
Thank you Jamie!

The crew from Cutting Edge Entertainment did my sons Bar Mitzvah in June, 2014. The entire crew was great, so above and beyond what i would have expected. Everybody danced the whole time. Really kept the party alive. Multiple guests were commenting on how great the entire staff was. They really helped make our party a really great time. Thank you so much Cutting Edge for an memorable time!!, you guys were awesome!!!!!!!! Definitely would highly recommend this company!!!!

Images courtesy of Nathan Photography and Video
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
MC, DJ and Dancers

Cutting Edge @ April 8, 2015

The Barn on Bridge Wedding of Danielle and Brian

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bride and groom 1 wedding dj

bride and groom 2 wedding dj

I am very grateful to get the opportunity to work with so many awesome people – weekend after weekend – just like Danielle and Brian, the bride and groom from this wedding. Danielle and Brian were laid back and their primary concern was with making sure that their friends and family had a great time at their wedding reception. At our wrap up meeting just prior to the wedding, we spent a lot of time going over the music for dinner, and dancing. We sat together for a while just listening to music and looking for the perfect grand entrance, cake cutting, and parent dance songs. The best part of my job is getting to know my clients and share in their excitement for their big day, and sitting down with them face to face really gives my the chance to do just that.

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 01

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 02

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 03

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 04

This was a great crowd to DJ for, as the dance floor was packed full as soon as dinner ended. I usually start my first dance set with music geared to older guests, and play some oldies, Motown, Disco, and Funk, then later on in the night I segue into the current hits. The reason I do it this way is because older guests are the ones that tend to leave earlier in the night, and I have found that younger people – for the most part – will dance to music from older generations, while many older guests are hesitant to dance to popular music of today. As the Wedding DJ, it is my job to play music and get guests of all generations out there during the course of the reception. Danielle and Brian were dancing most of the night, and their family and friends were right out there with them.

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 05

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 06

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 07

dancing wedding wedding dj philadelphia 08

This wedding is the first blog post I’ve had the opportunity to write from a reception I did at the Barn on Bridge in Collegeville, in historic Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I have worked at this venue before and I am excited to finally feature it on this post. Next, I had a great time working with Jenson Photography. I want to thank them for letting me feature the images from the wedding on our blog. I also want to thank Lauren and her team at Something Blu Weddings and Events. She was a big help for me and made running the party very easy. Most importantly, I want to thank Danielle and Brian for choosing me as their Wedding DJ and allowing me to rock their wedding.

-DJ Richie

Images courtesy of Jensen Photography

Something Blu Weddings and Events

Barn on Bridge

Wedding DJ and Lighting
Montgomery County

Cutting Edge @ April 1, 2015

Ringo, Rodrick and Rolling Stone

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Ringo Starr

If you’re a writer, and Rolling Stone Magazine gives you the nod, and arranges for you to interview and write a piece about a music icon or legend, then the piece on Ringo Starr authored by Stephen Rodrick in the April 9, 2015 issue of Rolling Stone should be required reading. Bravo Mr. Rodrick, you are an excellent writer.  Not only did you pen an article that was entertaining to read, but you craftily avoided the swamp of monotonousness that so many Rolling Stone writers seem to get bogged down with when presented a similar opportunity.  I wasn’t familiar with Rodrick’s work prior to this article, but since reading it and in an effort to enlighten myself I’ve given him a follow on twitter to keep an eye out for his future work.

As for the article and Ringo Starr, well Rodrick describes him as Rock’s unofficial mascot, and I couldn’t agree more.  He is the least written about of his former Beatle bandmates, and therefore everything written about him becomes that much more important.  What I know about Ringo – or at least the stuff I think holds water – is the stuff written by first-hand witnesses like Larry Kane, Geoff Emerick, Tony Bramwell, George Martin as well as others in the “inner circle”.  Ringo himself has no plans of writing his own memoir.

So yeah, in my humble opinion Stephen Rodrick did a phenomenal job, and being Ringo is the least documented it makes this article not simply good, but important.

In so far as The Beatles are concerned, Ringo Starr is the every man’s voice, but he is not the every man’s drummer.  Some may consider Ringo lucky if they knew the circumstances of his joining the band involved a last minute lineup change while the ink on The Beatles new recording contract was figuratively still wet, but this is only half the story.  Ringo was chosen.  Chosen because of his skills, his affability, and his compatibility to play with cats like Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison… the ones who did the choosing. Simon Cowell only wishes his stamp of approval was worth that much.

Rodrick dextrously dance around Beatles questions, getting Starr to open up on the subject on his own terms, and still managing to cover the post and pre-Beatles Starr in an interesting and unique light, making for a well rounded bio on the guy who happens to be the richest drummer in the world.  He’s having fun and banging the drum, albeit probably not all day as the Todd Rundgren hit implies.  Certainly a worthwhile read for both the die-hard Ringo fans, and those who may not be as familiar with the man.

And as a final note to Stephen Rodrick; A worthwhile Ringo Starr biography has yet to be written, and is unquestionably overdue.  I hope you at least give it some thought, because if this Rolling Stone piece is any indication, you’d be the right man for the job.

-Craig Sumsky

P.S. To the folks at Rolling Stone: You ought to have this guy write more often.  It’s a nice change from your usual one-dimensional fluff pieces.

 Follow Stephen Rodrick on twitter @stevenrodrick

Cutting Edge @ April 1, 2015

Heather and Ryan’s Montgomery County Wedding

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bride and groom

In November of 2014, I was the DJ for Heather and Ryan’s wedding reception. The party was held at the Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park in Ambler, Pennsylvania.  A couple of weeks prior to the wedding we met for what we call a “wrap-up meeting”. This is where we cement the timeline, the formalities, the announcements to be made along with details and very importantly, pronunciations of names to be introduced.   Heather and Ryan are one of those couples that clicked instantly with me, and after speaking with them for nearly two hours, going over a timeline, music, my approach to my job and their vision for their wedding reception, I felt great going in to the big day.

dancing 01

dancing 02

dancing 03

dancing 04

When November 2nd finally came, my assistant DJ and I arrived at Prophecy Creek about two hours before the start of cocktail hour. We quickly got set up and settled in, before the roughly one hundred and fifty guests arrived.  Once dinner ended, I was ready to get people out their dancing for this wedding. The bride, groom, and their bridal party led the charge to the dance floor. Everything worked from some oldies such as “Runaround Sue” from Dion to music from today like “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. I had a lot of fun being the DJ for this reception. Tara of Silver Orchid Photography – who I really enjoy working with – did a great job capturing the night on camera. The great staff of Robert Fair Catering at Prophecy Creek did an excellent job and provided excellent food, drinks, and service.

Thanks and Congratulations to Heather and Ryan, I wish you all the best as you start your life together as husband and wife.

-DJ Richie

Images courtesy of Silver Orchid Photography

Wedding DJ and Lighting
Montgomery County

Cutting Edge @ March 18, 2015

Bryn’s Bat Mitzvah at Downingtown Country Club

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Bat Mitzvah Girl

When I walked in to Downingtown Country Club to set up for Bryn’s Bat Mitzvah, I had no idea what I was stepping into that day. Her Crayola theme, complete with artist table for everyone to create pictures, should have given me some idea of the creative and imaginative young lady I had that day.

Throughout the whole planning process for the mitzvah, and the multiple meetings that we have with our clients here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, Bryn had always been focused on her guests. Her priority for the event was, and I quote, “I want all of my friends and family to dance and have fun the whole day!” While I knew this was something we could easily accomplish, being the dancer I am myself, little Miss Bryn did not indicate how much of a true PARTY ANIMAL she was!

Dancing 01

Before cocktail hour ended, my dancers and I had all the kids rocking out on the dance floor. Bryn not only was dancing, but was making sure everyone knew what dance move was next. She very well might take my job as the next MC here at Cutting Edge.

Dancing 02

Dancing 03

As the party went on, the guests didn’t even want to sit down to eat their meals. From Uptown Funk and Let’s Groove Tonight to Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift, the adults and kids danced until their feet were numb. I believe I lost five pounds that afternoon due to the amount of dancing we all did. The Goldman family didn’t want many formalities, just an awesome party. Due to the flexibility we had, we were able to keep everyone on the dance floor the entire afternoon.

Dancing 04

Dancing 05

At the end of the party, everyone was ready for a nap. Bryn smiled and said goodbye to every guest personally, and each person left with a smile on their face and their shoes in their hands. I personally walked up to Mom and Dad and told them I wished I had MORE time with their crowd, because their friends and family wanted to dance the day away.

Dancing 06

Congratulations to Bryn & the Goldman family on their Bat Mitzvah. Thank you to my DJs & Dancers, Michael Duretz for the photos and to Downingtown Country Club for letting us jam out all afternoon!

DJ Tony

Images courtesy of Michael Duretz Photography

Downingtown Country Club

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
MC, DJ and Dancers
Chester County

Cutting Edge @ March 9, 2015

The Cairnwood Wedding of Tara and Chris

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Bride and Groom

September is always a busy month for us at Cutting Edge Entertainment, and this past September was no exception. Cairnwood – a place we perform as Wedding DJ quite often – is by far one of my favorite venues; I like the staff, the venue, and the fact that it’s located only a few short minutes drive from our office in Huntingdon Valley. However, the thing I like most about Cairnwood is that each and every wedding or party I do there is uniquely different. In other words, it never gets boring at Cairnwood. There are so many different caterers, decorators, planners, florists and other event professionals that all bring their own individual style, enhancing the event and adding something new and different to each event I do there, and the possibilities of how to arrange Cairnwood is almost limitless.

Dancing 01 Wedding DJ

Dancing 02 Wedding DJ

Dancing 03 Wedding DJ

Tara and Chris were a really fun couple to work with, and we had a blast at our wrap up meeting a few short weeks prior to the wedding. The meeting we had lasted almost two hours and I believe it was good for Tara and Chris to get to know me better and gain confidence in my ability to rock out their wedding. For me, getting to know them was more like making new friends than working with a client, and as it turned out we had so much in common.  Together, the three of us mapped out their vision for their reception, and as their Wedding DJ, I helped them to accomplish that vision.

Dancing 04 Wedding DJ

Dancing 05 Wedding DJ

Dancing 06 Wedding DJ

Their wedding was one of the highlights of my month, and by the pictures featured here you can tell this was one great crowd. Of course when I DJ a wedding I consider it a team effort, and the wedding can’t be as successful as this one without all of the wedding professionals working in perfect sync. The caterer for the wedding was Feastivities Catering (always amazing), and Kevin from Kevin York Photography who did an awesome job capturing the images from the event. Kevin is a superstar photographer that does great work.

Finally, a successful wedding can’t be complete without the bride and groom, and Tara and Chris were perfect.

Dancing 07 Wedding DJ

Thank you so much Tara and Chris, and wishing you both the best of everything in your lives together as husband and wife!!


Images courtesy of Kevin York Photography

Catering by Feastivities Events


Wedding DJ and Lighting
Montgomery County

Cutting Edge @ February 25, 2015

The Aldie Mansion Wedding of Erin and Jeff

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Aldie Mansion wedding

2014 was an amazing year for me, and I am so happy to have been a part of so many great wedding receptions. This particular wedding was held in September at the Aldie Mansion in Bucks County, and Erin and Jeff were a fun, outgoing couple, whom I had a blast working with. As a Wedding DJ it’s important to play all sorts of music from all different genres and eras including many diverse artists. Many brides and grooms are concerned with making sure we play a little bit of something for everyone. In my opinion four to five hours is more than enough time to keep everyone happy, whether it be with Big Band, Jazz, Motown, Rock and Roll, or Top 40, I have no problem fitting it all in. This was very important to Erin and Jeff, simply because as in most wedding receptions, their guests varied in both age and musical taste.

Aldie Mansion wedding

Aldie Mansion wedding

Aldie Mansion wedding

This wedding was a blast to be a part of as the Wedding DJ, and the energy of the bride, groom and all their guests was contagious. I have worked with some brides and grooms in the past that sometime worry that not many guests will dance, because they are shy or just not big dancers – when I hear that I always smile, because most times these couples underestimate their guests. People do not get all dressed up in their fancy suits or dresses to just sit at their table and listen to music; they came to have a great time and because they love you and want to celebrate your special day with you. I feel it is up to me to make sure I create that fun, relaxed environment to allow people to let loose and party hard. Now of course the bartender always helps us out, we will never deny that, and once the party begins it’s the DJ that makes sure all of the guests are out there, whether they are dancing, singing along, or just clapping their hands off to the side, I know they’re having a good time. In my opinion, once the party is over – and days, weeks, months and even years go by, you may forget what you ate, you may forget what you wore, there is even a good chance you may forget what kind of music we played, but you should always be able to remember the great time you had.

Aldie Mansion wedding

Aldie Mansion wedding

Aldie Mansion wedding

Aldie Mansion wedding

As always I enjoyed working with Kevin from Kevin York Photography; he is very talented and was great to work alongside with as a Wedding DJ. Thank you for letting me feature these impressive images for the readers of our blog to see. As always, the staff at Aldie Mansion and Jeffrey Miller Catering did an outstanding job (as usual). The entire staff there is amazing and I enjoy working with them. And of course, it is pretty easy to have a good party when you are working with an awesome couple like Erin and Jeff. Thank you again for having us be a part of your wedding day, it was my pleasure to be your Wedding DJ!


Images courtesy of Kevin York Photography

Aldie Mansion

Wedding DJ and Lighting
Bucks County

Cutting Edge @ February 11, 2015

The Lake House Inn Wedding of Ivy and Brian

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Wedding DJ Bride and Groom

Last year was full of so many awesome weddings, and one of those was the reception of Ivy and Brian. The wedding and reception were held at the Lake House Inn, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Besides playing music for the party, I also provided sound for the outdoor ceremony. The good thing about having the Wedding DJ play music for the ceremony is we can play any type of music you could possibly want. We can do string quartet, harp, acoustic guitar, piano, and so on. There has been a trend in recent years to be more creative, instead of doing the traditional “Canon In D” by Johann Pachelbel or “Here Comes The Bride” by Richard Wagner.

Ivy and Brian are both serious party people, and they really wanted to ensure all of their guests would have an amazing time. They picked the right Wedding DJ for the job, because getting (and keeping) people out on the dance floor happens to be my ultimate specialty. I played everything from “Runaround Sue” by Dion & The Belmonts to “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, and everyone of all ages had a blast dancing and celebrating with the bride and groom on their special day.

Wedding DJ Dancing 01

Wedding DJ Dancing 02

Wedding DJ Dancing 03

Now, of course, I can’t take all the credit for the success of the party, because ultimately it’s a team effort. I worked together with the elite staff at the Lake House Inn, who did a superb job and were easy to work with (as always). Outstanding food is a key element to a successful party, and the food at Lake House Inn is outstanding.

I am extremely grateful to have so many great friends in the wedding industry.  One of those friends is photographer extraordinaire Nicole Leigh.  I have worked dozens of weddings with Nicole and her staff, and she was nice enough to recommend me to Ivy and Brian.  I feel if it wasn’t for her kind words about my work, I would not have had the opportunity to be a part of this celebration.  As expected, she did a great job and took some fantastic pictures from the party.

Wedding DJ Wedding Cake

A few weeks after the wedding, Ivy and Brian posted the following testimonial on The Knot:

Cutting Edge Entertainment impressed me and all my guests very much. The groom and I had told him what type of music we would like played & he followed everything we said perfectly. People were asking the night of and the day after wondering how we found a DJ that wasn’t cheesy, who only played good music. Everyone at Cutting Edge seems cool, but Richie Abrams is who we dealt with the most, and he is a joy. Funny, patient, and accommodating. Plus Cutting Edge’s services are reasonably priced. Hire these guys! Right now! And chase away those nightmares of awful wedding DJs.

Thank you again to Ivy and Brian for choosing Cutting Edge Entertainment as your Wedding DJ, and wishing you both all the best life has to offer.

-DJ Richie

Images courtesy of Nicole Leigh Photography

The Lake House Inn

Wedding DJ and Lighting
Bucks County

Cutting Edge @ January 26, 2015

The Cairnwood Wedding of Rich and Marly

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Kevin York Photography

The Cairnwood Estate in Montgomery County is like a second home to the staff here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, and I consider myself fortunate to work there on a fairly regular basis. Being intimately familiar with a venue gives the Wedding DJ at a huge advantage to coordinate a party there without a hitch since we are familiar with the logistics of the mansion, especially when the grand tent is used adding another dimension to the venue.

Cairnwood hosted the wedding of Rich and Marly on a spectacular Sunday in October.  I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Rich and Marly numerous times before their big day, and they are an awesome couple with as much character and charm as their wedding venue.  They had lots of specific requests, and a definite vision of what their day was to be like, which only makes the job of the Wedding DJ that much easier.  The job of a good Wedding DJ involves much more than meeting specific music requests, but also following a timeline while communicating and working closely with the other wedding professionals (photographers, caterers, etc).  Communicating with these other professionals and working as a team is key to a seamless and successful wedding reception.

Kevin York Photography

Kevin York Photography

This wedding was set to go late into Sunday night, but within the first hour I knew that Rich and Marly’s guests were there to party, and prepared to go all night long. The ceremony took place out in the front of the mansion where we provided music and microphones for the officiant and Rich’s live performance serenading his new wife in front of all of their guests.  It was truly unique and added a great personal touch to the ceremony.

Kevin York Photography

Kevin York Photography

Kevin York Photography

The guests moved inside the Cairnwood mansion house to enjoy their cocktail hour of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. During our meetings and planning prior to the wedding reception we selected a playlist for the night that would honor both the backgrounds of Rich and Marly. Opening the dance floor with a traditional Jewish Hora to get the whole family involved and sprinkling in some great latin salsa to get everyone’s heart rates up throughout the night really worked well, and made for a festive and fun reception party. The dancing didn’t stop until the lights came on, and all of the guests participated and had a great time.

Kevin York Photography

The staff of the Cairnwood Estate, Feastivities Catering, Photography by Kevin York, and Cutting Edge Entertainment all came together that night as one big team and insured one of the best nights of Rich and Marly’s lives was a celebration no one will soon forget. Thanks so much Rich and Marly, it was an honor to be your Wedding DJ, and be chosen to be a part of your big day.  From myself, and the rest of the team at Cutting Edge. we wish you all the best life has to offer in your lives together as husband and wife.


Images courtesy of Kevin York Photography


Wedding DJ and Lighting
Montgomery County

Cutting Edge @ January 19, 2015

The Merion Wedding of Nicole and Gary

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Bride and Groom Wedding DJ

In November of 2014, I was the MC/DJ for a wedding at The Merion in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.  I have worked there many times in the past, and always enjoy getting to see wedding coordinator extraordinaire and former high school classmate, “The Amazing” Denyse.  Nicole and Gary were a laid back bride and groom, and their primary concern was with making sure that their friends and family had a great time at their wedding reception. At our wrap up meeting just prior to the wedding, we spent a lot of time going over the music for the ceremony, dinner, and dancing. We sat together for a while just listening to music and looking for the perfect grand entrance, cake cutting, and parent dance songs. The best part of my job is getting to know my clients and share in their excitement for their big day, and sitting down with them face to face really gives me the chance to do just that!

Wedding DJ Dancing 01

Wedding DJ Dancing 02

I was very impressed with the staff at The Merion. It is always great to work with a staff that knows exactly how to keep a party running smoothly. There was never any lull or down time throughout the entire wedding reception. Guests were kept entertained either with watching the wedding formalities like the first dance, parent dances, or cake cutting, and when these were done the crowd was treated to a delicious meal, followed by dancing, dancing, and more dancing. The bride, groom, and their bridal party led the charge to the dance floor, and danced to everything from some older favorites like “Shout” (Otis Day & The Knights), to some current selections like “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

Wedding DJ Dancing 03

Wedding DJ Dancing 04

Wedding DJ Dancing 05

Wedding DJ Cake

It was great to work with Denyse and the rest of the crew and The Merion. I hope to be back in the facility soon for more parties.  I also had the opportunity to work with Krista and Michael from Michael’s Photography. They always do a wonderful job capturing images for our blog.  Nicole and Gary are fantastic, and I enjoyed getting to know them before the wedding and it was awesome to be a part of their celebration. I look forward to staying in touch with them, as they begin their lives together as husband and wife.


A few weeks after the wedding the bride and groom were nice enough to post the following testimonial on Wedding Wire…

Words cannot express how wonderful Richie was to work with. He made the whole experience extremely easy for us. From the very first meeting we knew we had chosen the best company and DJ to work with. My guests are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding. I missed a couple aspects of the night because I was dancing so much. Richie is absolutely amazing!!! You will not regret hiring him!

Images courtesy of Michael’s Photography

The Merion

Wedding DJ and Lighting
Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Cutting Edge @ January 14, 2015